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5 Little Known Ways To Save Money

Have you ever looked at your financial statements and wondered where the hell did my money go?  Yes, it happens to everyone but we’re here to tell you there are ways to eliminate that feeling completely! Say goodbye to buying stuff you don’t need and say hello to extra disposable income. It is possible for you to turn your finances around and it doesn’t have to be hard or painful. If you apply some of the tips we’re about to share, you’ll find yourself becoming richer than you ever thought possible.

Switch up your bank

You might feel loyal towards your bank but is it really the best option for you? Shop around and see how much you could be saving in transaction fees. Some local banks might offer some attractive package for new customers such as increased interest rates on savings and cash back deals. Don’t be afraid of hurting the banks feelings, they’ll get over it.

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Sign up to loyalty regards program

Forget what we wrote about banks, most times it pays to be loyal. If your grocery store is offering a rewards program, sign up. You will spend the money anyway, might as well get points/money back/gifts/deals out of it. This can apply for food, coffee (hello 10th cappuccino free!), travel, even gambling! If you indulge in online casinos, make sure you join one with great Loyalty Program to maximise the returns on your money.

Cook for a big family…

Even though it’s just for you. Always double or quadruple the quantities of food you make. Buy in bulk to save on the cost of ingredients. You can then eat leftovers for the rest of the week, saving in on restaurants and take-outs. It’s an easy solution to save money, it’s also super time efficient.

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Buy the generic brands

Why pay more money just for a brand name you recognise? When it comes to cereals, shampoo, and even medicine, often time the generic brand is just as good a way cheaper. You will discover that the only difference between the products is the amount of money spent on marketing.

Stop buying books

We’re all guilty of impulse purchase. For example, it is very tempting to splurge for a good book. Well resist that temptation because libraries are there for you and they’re free! So many books, DVDs, and magazines free just for you. Do the right thing, book-loving reader, and hit the local library.…